Recently, as I walked and chatted with my partner, the corner of my eye caught sight of something on the road. I thought little of it at first, since the road is usually littered with all types of things. But to my delight I soon realized that it was a small, green toad. It had come out of the greenery and was sitting calmly on the asphalt.


There were many people walking on the road that day, but the toad didn’t seem to mind. 20150809_111840When I came closer and tried to snap a photo, it flattened itself a little, worried that I might harm it. I don’t usually like toads. But this little creature’s reaction to the shadow of my camera evoked a strong sense of empathy in me.

I thought how full the world must be of other worlds, of things unseen by most, that still exist perfectly for themselves. It’s useful to be reminded of perspective. There are things above our eyes and beneath our feet that usually escape us. This awareness somehow makes the world grow larger, mysterious,…exciting.


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